Wedding Packages

We've created a number of Samui Wedding packages to assist you in creating your special day, whatever it is you want, be sure to let us know as we've never failed to deliver so far.

The perfect starting point to create your taylor made wedding celebration. From a finger buffet to full sit down 5 course dinner, your imagination is the only limits.

Traditional Wedding Packages

The Traditional wedding ceremony begins with the welcome words from the celebrant followed by the vows, any readings or poems from family or friends followed by the exchange of rings. After the signing of the certificate and “you may now kiss your bride”, cocktails and canapes are usually served whilst the photographer takes individual and group shots on the beach.

Buddhist Wedding Packages

The Buddhist ceremony begins with the monks chant and blessing the bride and groom, linking their heads with joined loops of Sai Mongkon. Further chantings from the monks are made and special prayers for prosperity and good fortune, followed by the cleansing ritual with light splashes of blessed water being made by the head monk.

The happy couple are then seated at the Lot Nam Sang (water blessing seat). With a garland around their necks of the Bride & Groom, the Water blessing commences with each guest offering words of congratulations. Each guest in turn will pour water over the hands of the happy couple. Wedding vows and rings are to be exchanged afterwards

The romance and spiritual connection of a Thai Buddhist wedding ceremony quite litteraly takes you breath away, a truly once in a lifetime experience.

The energy, atmoshere and joyfulness of a 3 day Indian wedding celebration at Shiva Samui is an experience to behold.

Indian Wedding

Indian weddings are traditionally multi-day affairs and involve many intricate ceremonies.

The wedding is typically divided into three parts: welcome reception, Sangeet, main event including post-wedding. The Sangeet is a large party the night before where each side of the family can meet each other and all the invited guests dance and have fun.

The wedding ceremony itself is imbued with great significance, for each step and ritual represents a commitment that, if understood and upheld, promises happiness and prosperity for the bride and groom.

Jasmine Wedding Package

Jasmine is a complete wedding package where we've included all the basics, some of the extras, and give you agreat starting point to build your unique experience.

The Jasmine Wedding Package is availeble May, June, and September until 18th December during 2016, 2017 and 2018

Our most popular wedding package, fantastic value for money and a great way to create your ultimate Shiva Samui wedding.

Arrive on an elephant, let doves free on the beach, a world class DJ, live music, a Tandor serving tradional breads, we can even create a private street market for your guests.

Wedding Package Extras

There are lots of optional extra’s to choose from for your ceremony and also your wedding reception from live bands, guitarists DJs, fireworks, fire dancer performances, Thai Dancers and cabarets.

When it comes to celebrating your wedding at Shiva Samui, we can create anything your imagination think of.

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